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Solar power pack is the system used to generate electricity for locations where grid is inaccessible or the access is prohibitively expensive. These solar power pack systems can also be used in conjunction with existing grid for uninterrupted supply of electricity. Easy Photovoltech's solar power packs are based on proven solar technology, which makes them highly efficient and completely maintenance-free.

The wider and unique needs of electricity in various forms are what made us to design and deliver the solar power pack products. And we are successful launching these products for efficient usage of them in various applications which are expressible and non expressible

More than monetary benefits, we are more inspired with the uniqueness of the products which fulfill wider applications with one product as well as saving the traditional conventional expensive energy. Our efforts would continue until we replace all the conventional electric applications to be run with solar energy instead of the regular conventional electric energy. Apart from the monitory benefits the other by-products can be more loving and content are like eco-friendliness, pollution free energy production and utilization.

Key Features :

• Clean & Silent source of Power
• No fuel required
• Provision of Battery Bank
• Negligible Maintenance
• No recurring fuel cost
• Modular design
• Simple installation
• Savings on electricity bills
• Transportation problems and uncertainty in availability of fuel are totally avoided by using solar photovoltaic systems.