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A Solar Water Heater is the most competitive alternative to conventional water heating methods such as Electric geysers and fuel-fed boilers. The Solar Water Heater offered by us is a complete roof mounted hot water system where the tank and the collector are mounted as one unit. This Solar Water Heater is built using SS 304 L grade non magnetic steel for the inner storage cylinder and a weather-proofed durable aluminum powder-coated stainless steel outer casing. The Solar Water Heater we supply is lightweight and its machine foamed CFC free PUF thermal insulation sets a new standard in environmentally friendly solar hot water system. The unique click fit (screw less) mechanism in the collector’s frames ensures quick assembly and servicing of the Solar Water Heater.

Special Features & Benefits :

• Highly safe system compare to electric geysers
• Highly Efficient, reliable & Affordable
• Easy installation
• Requires less space
• Reduces electricity bills
• 10 years Guarantee on system
• Eco friendly

Application Areas :

• Used in Raw houses & apartments
• Used in Railway compartments
• Used in Hotels, Hostels, Hospitals, resorts & Canteens
• Used in Military camps & canteens
• Easily movable